How It Works.

The customer places their order and pays via our website.

1. You accept the delivery and promptly visit your nearest food outlet, McDonalds, KFC and/or Subway. Make purchase of their order making sure to check and retain the receipt.

2. Take the order to the customer and hand it to them after they sign your screen (as proof of delivery). Submit your receipt using the photo function and mark the job complete.

3. You will be paid for the drop and the food ordered within 24 hours of completing from us via BACS, PayPal or WeSwap Card.

To receive delivery job offers you need to be logged in to the Go4Me driver app and be set to logged off when not.

This will avoid customer disappointment and refunds on failed delivery orders.

Driver Payment:

Each job pays between £4 and £7.50 depending on the distance from the restaurant to the customer.  Restaurants have a maximum delivery radius varying from 5 - 10 Miles.

Payments are made within 24 hours of completion via BACS, PayPal or WeSwap

*Rates may vary dependant on population density and infrastructure.

How to use the Go4Me Driver app:

Thanks for becoming a Go4Me Delivery Partner. This videowill explain how to use the Go4Me Driver App.


Logging into the App:

After downloading from the App store or Google Play, openthe Go4Me Driver app.

On first use, you will be asked to provide permission forthe app to access location services and push notifications. You will only haveto do this once.

Enter your username and password. These details will havebeen emailed to you. You can always change your password at a later time.


Receiving andaccepting a new delivery task:

You will receive a notification when a new delivery task isassigned to you. Tasks are assigned to the driver who is closest to therestaurant and logged in to the app with their status set to “on-duty”.

First, tap on the task to view the details of the delivery.

Here you can check the addresses of the merchant and thecustomer.

If you decide to take the job, tap on “accept”. If you wishto pass the job to the next available driver, tap on decline.


Proceed to therestaurant or store:

Tapping on the restaurant’s address will open up a map whereyou can preview your destination.

Tap on “View Direction” to open your phone’s defaultnavigation program. The route will have automatically been entered.


Purchase Customer’sOrder:

Scroll down and tap on “order details”. This will displaythe customer’s order along with any special instructions you should follow. YouMUST remember to ask for a receipt. This is very important because without areceipt we cannot reimburse you for your expenses.


Make the delivery:

Once you have collected the customer’s order, tap on thecustomer’s address to preview your destination.

Once again, tap on “View Direction” to open navigation.

Once you have handed the customer their order, tap on “AddSignature” and ask the customer to sign in the box.


Finishing the task:

Once you have delivered the order and received thecustomer’s signature tap on “Add Photo” and choose “Take Picture”

Snap a photo of the restaurant’s receipt and select “UsePhoto”

You can also add any additional information about thecurrent delivery or customer by tapping on “Add Notes”

You have now completed the task and can tap on “Successful”to end the task.

You will automatically be made available for any newdelivery tasks.

To end your shift, tap on the green toggle switch at the topof the screen to set your status to “Off-Duty”


Using the calendar:

You can keep track of past completed tasks by tapping on thecalendar icon at the top of the screen.

The days with your completed tasks will have a green circlein them and a number relating to how many tasks you completed that day.

You can also look at the next few days for any customerpre-orders that have been assigned to you.

If you’re interested Download The Go4Me Driver App – Now on Google Play or iTunes

or use the contact form for more information.

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